The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man (and the Kid Who Becomes Blue Baron)-a talk with Marvel Comics artist Ron Frenz

August 28th, 2017

Part One asks what has been special about choosing to become a comics creator, to the man who broke in as regular Spider-man artist with maybe fandom most beloved short story!  Ron had drawn KA-ZAR, STAR WARS, and some issues of MARVEL TEAM-UP when he was tapped to turn Roger Stern's dream into the eleven page "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man."  ("Kid" is from Amazing Spider-Man #248, from 1983.)

 Now we revisit its creation with Ron, who talks about stewardship of long-time characters, but also introduces us to his very latest co-creation (with TV comedy writer Darin Henry): The Blue Baron, from Sitcomics (click and see!) 

(And it's inked by Our Pal Sal Buscema, can you dig it?)

Blue Baron art

We have tons more coming up from Ron, who spent his Saturday night with us graciously and talked about storytelling as an artisistic collaborator.  He answered a mega-ton of Spider-Man questions no true fan will want to miss, and before we called it a night we even had a sleepy discussion of memorable moments of Mighty Thor.  Come back for next month's batch and be amazed by this humble, funny, thoughtful craftsman.

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